Declaration of interests & disclaimers

All texts come with context. Here is mine. My name is Nicklas Berild Lundblad. I was born in 1971, in Sweden, and with that alone comes plenty of conceptual assumptions. I have degrees in law and in philosophy, and a PhD in informatics. My dissertation was about how information society is really a noise society and what that means.

My professional career has been varied. I have worked for a university as a research amanuensis, as a tech educator, a freelance writer, an analyst for the Swedish Office of Science and Technology, a researcher at a research institute, an executive in different capacities at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, a co-founder and managing editor at a current affairs magazine and as a government affairs professional at a large technology company – Google. I still work at Google albeit now with futures studies and scenario analysis. I have also been a member of a number of boards, and currently am serving on the board of Marginalen – a financial services company. I am also the owner of my own firm, Spring Island. I currently advise the Moderate party as a part of their ideas programme group, but have also advised social democratic governments as a member of their ICT-councils and advisory groups. I have been a part of the European Commissions advisory groups, especially the one leading up to the creation of the i2010-programme.

I contribute to a number of different magazines, have written a number of books (except for the dissertation) and am always looking to write more.

The opinions, views, ideas and commentary found here is mine and mine alone. I speak for noone, and I often change my own mind as well.